step 0: 👍 learn the conventions

look for info in these green boxes to understand the conventions that must be followed for the gallery to function properly. {.is-success}

step 1: 🗝️ login

welcome! to edit or add new pages to the wiki, you’ll need to log in here:

there are two separate login tracks, depending on how you wish to contribute:

this guide is focused on script authors, but the mechanics are similar for editors. the main difference is where you’re able to add or edit content.

author role

editor role

step 2: 🤸 create your author page

from any page click the “new page” icon in the upper menu.


select the authors folder and replace new-page with your name.

if your author name has spaces, replace them with hyphens or underscores.

so “northern information” becomes “northern-information” {.is-success}


this creates a “landing page” for your author profile, where people can learn more about your work. use this Markdown template to fill yours out:

## bio

if you wanna!

## scripts

<iframe src=""id="gallery-iframe"></iframe>

## links

- [personal site](url)
- [bandcamp](url)
- [GitHub](url)

be sure to replace the author string in the iframe with yours to automatically pull in all your scripts.

a small piece of crucial context this site features a loosely-coupled integration with a small clojurescript application developed by @eigen and @tyleretters. the application leverages the wiki.js GQL to render collections of scripts in iframes across the site. any reference to iframes are talking about this piece of tech. {.is-info}

Step 3: 📟 create your script page

if your script name has spaces, replace them with hyphens.

so “molly the poly” becomes “molly-the-poly” {.is-success}

follow the same steps above for your script page. try to name the page exactly as you’ve named your script elsewhere (maiden, github, lines, etc.)

please nest your scripts under your author page, eg. authors/justmat/otis your author page doubles as an author folder once you add another page under it! {.is-success}

here is a suggested script template. you can see how this renders, here.

feel free to add or remove whatever sections make sense for your script.

## screenshots



## description

dronecaster is a simple synth to help the community learn [supercollider](, the audio synthesis engine of norns.

## install

from maiden type

## links

- [view on llllllll](
- [view on github](

## demos

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>

we recommend using the wiki.js “markdown” editor. if you’re new to markdown, you can click the green question mark to get a handy guide: markdown.png

adding tags

tags are used to organize data on this site.

at least one tag must be added for your script for the iframe galleries to pick it up. {.is-success}


current tags are:

non-sanctioned tags will be deleted! if you think a new tag ought to be added let us know. adding new tags requires a small amount of admin work as well as a pull request. {.is-danger}

adding i/o icons

additionally, there are six i/o icons available. apply any of these tags to your script and the icons will appear in the iframe galleries:

adding images

at least one .png on your script page must be named exactly the same as the script for the homepage gallery to pick it up.

additionally, the image must be hosted here on this is because our custom gallery builds the URL with the following logic:

"" + <authorname> + "/" + <scriptname> + ".png"

for example, dronecaster’s script page is:

so our image must be found at {.is-success}

here’s how to take a screenshot: {.is-info}

from the editor window click “insert assets”


before moving on, please confirm you are in the /community/ folder and not in /root! {.is-success}

under /community/, create a folder for yourself using your author name


after your asset folder is created, you’ll need to select it in the UI {.is-warning}

drag an asset onto the grey box on the right side, then Click “upload”


after your asset is uploaded, you can select it in the filepicker and click “insert”. to delete an asset, click the three dots ... under actions

fyi, wiki.js can’t delete folders yet: {.is-danger}

Step 4: ♨️ get in the index

last step is to add yourself to the authors index. if you have any trouble, just DM one of the admins. current admins are: