TouchOSC grid and arc controller for monome norns toga.png

Demo Video


  1. Install toga: from maiden type: ;install
  2. Edit script you want to use toga with (similar to how to edit script to add midigrid support)
    1. Find occurence of “grid.connect()” in the script code and insert the following line above:
       local grid = util.file_exists(_path.code.."toga") and include "toga/lib/togagrid" or grid
      • If the script is already edited to support midigrid, you can add the support on midigrid library script file: add the line above to line 1 in code/midigrid/lib/midigrid.lua. When no midigrid-supported device is connected, toga grid will be initialized.
    2. Find occurence of “grid.connect()” in the script code and insert the following line above:
       local arc = util.file_exists(_path.code.."toga") and include "toga/lib/togaarc" or arc
    3. Select the edited script on norns to load
  3. Download toga.tosc controller file and import to TouchOSC (new version, not working with Mk1).
  4. Set up connections to norns:
    1. Choose UDP
    2. Look up norns IP address in SYSTEM -> WIFI and input to Host field
    3. Input 10111 to Send Port
    4. Input 8002 to Receive Port (any unused port number should work)
  5. Run the TouchOSC controller (by clicking Play button).
  6. Tap the upper-right green button to connect to norns. The green button should light up and the controller should be running.
  7. (Optional) Adding default TouchOSC client address:
    1. Open code/toga/lib/togagrid.lua file
    2. Find the line -- UNCOMMENT to add default touchosc client
    3. Remove leading -- in the line below, and edit the IP address in the line.
    4. Open code/toga/lib/togaarc.lua file and repeat the step 2 and 3.
    5. Reload the script on norns. Now toga will automatically connect to the TouchOSC controller when the script is loaded.