/// Confining spaces of random seeds. ///

2-dimensional polyrythmic, random note sequencer for the Monome Norns.



At startup a random seed of 4x4 notes are generated, these can be re-seeded in params.

The screen has eight edit positions. Navigate with E1.

Horizontally 1-4 selects four separate rows of sequencers. These trigger notes and move in one of three ways. Edit with E2. > forward < backward ~ random - halt movement

E3 alters sequencer speed from /4 (slow) to 16x (fast).

K3 (hold) enables alt-edit.

o -3 to 3 Sequenced notes octave offset (edit with K3+E2) x, 1, 2 and 5 o Sequenced notes octave range (edit with K3+E3)

Vertically there are four sequencers with their own individual direction and speed (same instructions as above E2 = direction and E3 = time).

Parameters > Edit Load & Save set 1-100 (including params) Midi, Crow & Outputs Choose midi settings and sequencer routings Crow in 2 rising V change randomizes the note matrix Time Routings Route sequencer times Scale & Notes Choose scale and root note Parameters for octave offsets and ranges. Seed new random note matrix Molly the Poly w/syn Edit synth stuff…


from maiden type ;install