raft is made up of:

Each wave has its own buffer, time, feedback, and output volume. The encoders control the parameters for the active delay.

On startup only the first wave is active. Press Key[3] -> to move to the next wave; it will activate if it was previously inactive. Once multiple waves are active you can move between them using Key[2] <- and Key[3] ->.

Key[3]’ing past Wave 3/3 will deactivate Waves 2+3 and return you to Wave 1.

Hold Key[1] and use the encoders to control the global settings:

Hold Key[1] and use the other keys to freeze the buffer of your active delay. Currently the only way to reactivate recording of a delay line is to Key[3] past Wave 3 (reset) as explained above.

further parameters are available in the param menu including a global buffer rate.


from maiden type ;install https://github.com/timothy-taylor/raft