Notes of the selected scale are spread around a circle. Points are drawn by rotating a set amount from the last point while moving outwards slightly and notes are triggered depending on where they land.

up to 4 spirals can play at the same time. each spiral can be set to output midi or audio using the PolyPerc engine or mx.samples if installed.



from maiden type ;install



E1 change current spiral K2 play / stop current spiral K3 toggle options → E2 change option → E3 change value K1 + K2 toggle lock sequence to the last X number of notes K1 + K3 toggle scale overlay (when options are hidden)


changes to the options apply to just the current selected spiral



how far around the circle to move each step


an lfo can be used to alter the rotation amount. the lfo amount setting controls how much the rotation will be altered - with an lfo amount of 1.0, the lfo will move between -1 and 1 and add that value to the rotation.

lock steps

when the spiral is locked (k1 + k2), the last few steps of the sequence will be repeated. the lock steps setting controls how steps will be repeated. hint - the lock steps setting can be changed while the sequence is locked.

play mode

a spiral can play notes or chords. in chord mode, the 3rd and 5th are added.

step div

spirals play according to the norns clock. step div controls how many steps play per beat. when set to 2, 2 steps play per beat, when set to 0.5 a step plays every 2 beats.


the rests setting inserts rests into the circle of notes giving the possibility of not playing a note on a step


additional settings which you are less likely to want to change so frequently are available in the parameters. overall settings for the polyperc and mx.samples engines are available as well as per spiral settings for the in-app settings plus:


spirals supports grid or midigrid to enable you to change current spiral, start/stop the current spiral and lock/unlock the current spiral.

spirals_grid.png on the bottom row the left 4 pads change the current spiral, the right most pad starts or stops the current spiral and one in from the right locks and unlocks the current spiral.

the top 6 rows fill up as notes play - the bottom right most lit pad is the most recent note.

press two pads to lock the current spiral to loop between those notes.