breakthrough turns the rebound norns script into the breakout/arkanoid video game. blocks are assigned notes and when they get hit by a ball, those notes play. notes play through the polyperc engine and on midi channel 1.


from maiden type ;install



normal mode

in normal mode, blocks get hit 4 times before the are removed. the root note is also played when a ball hits the top or bottom of the screen (depending on settings).

k2 - add ball k3 - change current ball e2 - change current ball direction e3 - change current ball speed k1 + k2 - remove current ball k1 + k3 - toggle game mode

game mode

in game mode you move the paddle to try to keep the ball hitting blocks without letting it hit the bottom of the screen. blocks are removed after a single hit and there is only one ball in play. after clearing the screen it resets, the ball gets a little faster and the paddle a little smaller.

e3 - move paddle


most of the parameters should be self-explanatory but some might not be….

octaves the number of octaves to spread the blocks over

wall note orbs whether all, none or just the selected ball plays when they hit the top or bottom brick density: how many blocks are in the wall when it resets

super orb possibility of a ball being a super orb and breaking through all bricks for one pass up and down the screen