Arc based granular four track sampler with live recording and friction.

Adapted from ash/angl after being heavily inspired by @dan_derks to have a poke around scripts (thanks!) and from @infinitedigits and his work on granchild. rangl is a small arc controlled granular player with four tracks. It is based on angl but adds support for


norns, arc, and the Glut engine (comes with ash).


Press K3 to switch modes. The modes are

speed: adjust the speed on the four tracks. Hold K2 and touch arc to set speed to zero.

pitch: adjust pitch on the four tracks. Hold K2 for fine control.

record: touch arc to select track. Hold K2 and press K3 to start recording. Touch another track to end recording or hold K2 and press K3.

level: adjust level of the individual tracks.

friction: adjust friction for the individual tracks.



or install from maiden:

;install https://github.com/tgk/rangl