pirate radio


pirate radio is a norns script running a pirate internet radio station that streams content, audio, weather and music that’s contributed from the lines community directly to your norns (uploader link below).

it also adds some additional features such as an equalizer, visualiser, commenter, timewarper and effects.

this was initiated as an educational project that teamed up folks who had expertise in creating norns scripts with folks who were interested in learning about scripting.


a norns device connected to the internet


download from the maiden library

or run: ;install https://github.com/norns-study-group/pirate-radio


first time starting

the first time you start the pirate radio it will take a minute. it will first install necessary linux tools if not already installed (vorbis-tools, espeak, ffmpeg and lame). afterwards, it will download available playlists for the different stations.

uploading your own music

goto coffer.norns.online/ to upload your own tracks. simply select a station and choose the files. optionally, you can add some information about the artist and other info.

listening to the radio

once the radio is initiated, you’ll see a dial. use E3 to move the dial. once you hit upon a station you should see the frequency get brighter and the ‘magic eye’ get smaller. some stations also have graphics that will appear.



once the radio station is dialed in you should stop hearing radio static and start hearing the radio.


use E1 to change to the equalizer page. on this page K2 and K3 change equalizer preset or you can use E2 and E3 to customize the bands of the equalizer.



the visualizer shows the relative power of each band. use E1 to change to the visualizer page.



the commenter doesn’t do anything yet. use E1 to change to the commenter page.



the timewarper lets you change, slow down, and reverse time, as well as loop time points. use E1 to change to the time-warper.


to make a loop, press K2 twice to set start and end points. once a loop is created, you press K2 to deletel loop.

press K3 once to get back to “live” audio.

rotating E2 will slow down and speed up time. rotating E3 will change position in time. as of now, you cannot go into a time in the future.

use the norns TAPE to record your remixed audio.


in addition to the normal compressor and reverb available on the norns, there are other effects available to add to the pirate radio. go into the parameters menu and you will see delay and granulator effects:


known issues

installing on fates

there have been reports of fates devices failing to play stations. the root cause is still under investigation, but people have resolved the issues by following these steps:

reporting bugs

report bugs on the lines forum thread or discord channel

please include the following details: