This script allows to automate up to nine parameters of the ZOOM MS-70 CDR multieffect. For each knob you can set the minimum and maximum value. The value will change using linear interpolation between randomly chosen values in the selected range, with a BPM related speed.


Connect the MS-70 CDR to the norns and set it as the midi first device. Use the encoder 1 to select one of the nine controllers. The encoder 2 sets the minimum value and encoder 3 sets the maximum value that will be sent to the MS-70 CDR. Pressing key 2 you can select the effect and knob destination. Use key 3 to randomize min/max values. Automs70 can be also used to generate nine MIDI control change commands: define in the norns parameters menu the destination CC number and relative midi channel.


from maiden type: ;install or install via the maiden project manager