16 sines waves. each sine wave is FM modulated with configurable carrier - modulator FM index. Sample rate and bit depth can be changed for each voice.


This is very much a personal learning exercise in how to develop for norns. I cobbled together bits and pieces from here and there. Inspired by everyone and everything on this forum, and beyond that, by the music of La Monte Young, Pauline Oliveros, Eliane Radigue, and Mika Vainio. There is no sequencer, no filters. It’s just simple waves playing and beating off each other.


Ensure you are up to date with the latest norns OS. Visit http://norns.local/ in a browser, and install sines from the maiden project manager.

Then, SYSTEM => RESET on norns to pick up the new SuperCollider engine. Reboot for good measure.


Select a root note and scale from the norns parameters menu. 16 frequencies based on the selected scale are applied. You can also tune the sine waves by hand on norns.


Saving a pset saves the note selection and midi mapping. The last saved pset is loaded when the app launches.


Control individual sine amplitudes, envelopes, bit depth, sample rate, and FM index with a midi controller. Controls are mapped from the norns parameters page.

squares, triangles, bandpass noise

You can install 3 variants of the app by pasting the below into Maiden. You will need to remap all controls for each variant. Instead of FM, Squares has a pulsewidth and filter control, Saws has a filter control. Bp_noise has a filter q control. Otherwise broadly similiar to Sines.