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Yggdrasil is a norns cyberdeck tracker — an instrument designed to be performed with a keyboard only. “Slots” are the nucleic acids of Yggdrasil, while “commands” and “interactions” are the twin helixes of the human-machine interface. Toggling “Y Mode” remaps the alpha-numerics, unlocking expressive performance gestures. Capital letters are not used and modifier keys only sparingly. Where other languages use may use commas or parenthesis, Yggdrasil favors the ; character for its position under the little finger: economic, ergonomic, exegesis.

Neurotically focused on their endless descent, slots are stacked into tracks of different heights, like so many stalactites reaching into the terminal darkness below. Slots can contain up to one each of: note, sample, velocity, and phenomenon. Slots contain two “macro control” values that range from 0 - 99. Phenomena allow for exotic events such as randomizers, “goto” events, and directional toggles.

Commands are built from the letters, numbers, and symbols that appear in the terminal as you type. Commands let you do things like create musical patterns, change notes, control playback, adjust tempo, and route tracks to different MIDI channels.


from maiden type ;install