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For monome norns and grid, arcologies is a 21st century instrument for musical composition and discovery.

<p>The core design objective for this software is clarity. Each key and encoder on norns have a dedicated function. All the keys on the grid share the same behavior. The menus are built to be fast, intuitive, cohesive, and consistent. With a foundation that is (hopefully) quick to master, the arcologist's focus can shift to sculpting emergent and complex compositions.</p>
<p>The design of <strong>arcologies</strong> heavily inspired by the two-dimensionality of <a href="">Orca</a>, the polymorphism of <a href="">ornament & crime</a>, the immediacy of <a href="">meadowphysics</a>, and the uncompromising vision of <a href="">cheat codes</a>. I've always been interested in <a href="">emergence</a> and wanted to push that line of inquiry further than I have before. Other curios played a part, too: <a href="">Dwarf Fortress</a>, the <a href="">tower defense</a> genre, <a href="">SimCity</a>, and the <a href="">Eno / Chilvers</a> suite of generative applications, carbon-based life, water, the anthropocene, supply chains, <a href="">The Mushroom at the End of the World</a>, <a href="">The Dark Mountain Project</a>, <a href="">Eco Futurism Corp</a>, <a href="">"seasteading"</a>, the gedankenexperiment-prompt: "sound artist's work in a William Gibson novel?", <a href="">Conway's Game of Life</a>, Garfield Park Conservatory, the Epcot Center, <a href="">Buckminster Fuller</a>, and the need to challenge myself and create something beautiful during this fucking pandemic. And, of course, actual <a href="">arcologies</a> and <a href="">the architectural movement known as <em>metabolism</em></a>.</p>
<p><strong>arcologies</strong> is free, <a href="">open source</a>, and licensed under the <a href="">GNU General Public License v3.0</a>.</p>
<p><strong>crypts</strong> is free, <a href="">open source</a>, and &mdash; being a community sample pack that may wind up in recordings &mdash; is under the <a href="">CC0 1.0 Universal Public Domain Dedication</a> license.
<p>Contributions welcome.</p>


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