tambla is a semi-generative rhythmic arpeggiator with bendable playheads


complete and up to date documentation lives here


tambla affords exploration of polyrhythms and syncopation. patterns consist of four rows. rows have 2-16 triggers with velocity, duration, and chance values per step. holding down a key generates notes at the given pitch with the trigger pattern in the first (top most) row. each subsequent key held, begins generation based on the trigger pattern in next lower row. note generation starts from the current playhead position instead of the beginning of the row ensuring the overall rhythmic structure is maintained unless note based sync it chosen.

the four playheads scanning each row are synchronized to a common clock. individual rows can divide down the clock for linear phasing effects or bending the clock or both. bend values < 1.0 result in the playhead progressing in a logarithmic fashion (fast then slowing down) where as bend values > 1.0 result in exponential progression (slow then speeding up).


tambla can be intalled with any of the following methods