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The concept: a tide of light moves across the grid, activating sounds and modulations as the tide interacts with any number of “buoys” that have been placed anywhere in its path. The core physical metaphor is that of a wave/tide of water moving through space and having interactions with objects in the water along the way. Besides buoys, pilings are the other type of object that can be placed in the water. Unlike buoys, pilings do not yield to the tide, the tide yields to them. The tide will be disrupted by pilings it runs into as it moves along. On the grid, brighter lights correspond to deeper “waters”.

Each buoy can be associated with a sound. As the buoy gets lifted up and down by the tide, any number of sonic parameters can be modulated proportionally to the momentary depth of the tide, such as playback volume, playback rate, filter cutoffs, and more. Additionally other modulations related to the momentary tide depth can be sent out via crow or midi.


norns, grid (8x16 varibright) optional - arc, crow, midi

future development

i have a number of ideas for new features, but i’m currently focusing whatever time i have for norns development on a new script which is in the works. i’d like to come back around to buoys when the new one is done.