8 track euclidean drum machine, with logic and probability

foulplay.png by @justmat



when first starting foulplay you will be greeted with 8 tracks for euclidean rhythms. this is home.

while home, KEY3 is ALT.

track edit

each track can be configured to either send midi or trigger a sample. please see the PARAMETERS menu for configuration.

holding KEY1 will bring up the track edit screen, releasing KEY1 will return home.

track edit is where you will find trigger conditions and probability settings, as well as various sample specific parameters. if sending midi, track edit will contain shortcuts for setting the midi channel and note.

in track edit parameters 1-3 are tied to their respective encoders.


(coded by @junklight) fp_grid.png

pressing a button in section a will select which track to focus for editing. tracks are numbered top to bottom, 1-8.

pressing a button in section b will mute or unmute the adjacent track in section a.

section c is a multi-function area containing 25 buttons numbered from left to right, top to bottom. if no modifiers are held, pressing a button in section c will load the corresponding pattern data.

pressing d will start or stop the clock.

pressing e will reset all tracks to 1.

f is a modifier button for section c. holding f and pressing in section c will load the corresponding pset data.

the buttons in section g open track edit pages for your currently selected track.

h is a modifier button for section c, allowing for copy/paste behavior. holding h and pressing a pattern in section c will copy the selected pattern. while still holding h, press the desired pattern location to paste.

saving/ loading your work

to save your loaded samples and their settings, use the PARAMETERS menu.

pattern data, such as steps, fill, rotation, mute state, and logic settings are saved automatically every 10 seconds.


install via the maiden project manager