add glitching to anything/everything.


lets glitch with glitchlets.

this script glitches incoming audio. everything is quantized to the global tempo so it stays somewhat in beat. this script is inspired by a supercollider script glitching the “amen break” and a recent track by John Frusciante.

there are five voices for glitching. each voice has individual volume, panning, gating, positions and probabilities. each voice contains a softcut loop with random tape modulations. each voice also emits a supercollider engine that adds a wobbly resonant low pass filter to each glitch to get that 90’s feel.



quickstart: put music into line-in. set norns global tempo in clock -> tempo to tempo of music. open glitchlets and press K1+K2.

all five glitchlets can be consciously controlled via global params or quick menu. quick menu:

note: make sure to restart norns the first time you install because it has a new supercollider engine that needs to be compiled.


v0.2.1 -