a norns mod to create a public mp3 stream from your norns.


broadcast is a simple mod that lets you make a dedicated music stream from your norns. the output is a public URL of an mp3 that can be listened to in a browser, in music apps, etc.

broadcast works by using darkice and icecast2 which interface with JACK and convert the norns output into a mp3 stream (which is configurable). this local stream is then streamed via curl to a server I setup at the server is ~200 lines of code that simply copy bytes from a POST request (i.e. the stream) to any number of GET requests (i.e. browser client(s)).

broadcast will install ~2.5 MB of linux packages when you run it the first time and while running will take a small amount of CPU to run the stream conversion, and use some internet bandwidth to upload the stream.

the script is inspired by pirate radio, and @maaark’s mod to play internet streams but this is the inverse where you generate the streams. maybe similar to blast box.



you can install broadcast and then activate the mod in the SYSTEM > MODS > BROADCAST. after activating for the first time you need to restart SYSTEM > RESTART. (this first restart may take a few minutes, during which your screen may be blank).

after installation you can activate the broadcast by going to SYSTEM > MODS > BROADCAST. first use E3 to select edit station name and press K3 to enter in your station name. then you can use E3 to select offline and press K3 to turn go online. if you are “online” you can use the URL to listen to your norns.