a quantized delay with time bending effects.


this is blndr - my first patch. blndr is a quantized delay with optional time bending effects in the stereo field. this would not have been possible without the stellar softcut tutorial and inspiration of randomizing speed shifts from bounds. also i have a lot of inspiration and aspiration to recreate the drums from outkast’s ms. jackson.



the line-in audio is fed into a delay loop for a duration of one quarter note, so it automatically becomes quantized to the bpm (ENC1). the amount of delay can be dialed in with level (ENC2) and feedback (K1+ENC2).

the delay loop is randomly time shifted based on the probability from the spin parameter (ENC3). the audio from the delay loop is then fed into a second delay loop that is also time shifted and panned randomly.

the K2/K3 are used to quickly speed up/down the bpm to 1/3 intervals to get some cool polyrhythms (good for drums).

the K1+K2 to toggles muting incoming audio.

the K1+K3 will toggle reverse mode which is a delay that outputs notes in reverse.