Loud Numbers is a data sonification script for Norns. It turns .csv files into melodies and control voltages.

You can select the root note and scale with encoders 2 and 3. Encoder 1 selects the bpm. Key 2 toggles play/pause, and key 3 toggles whether the melody should loop when you reach the end of the dataset or not.

The script comes with a default set of data - temperature.csv, which contains global temperature anomalies since 1950 for the globe, tropics, and northern and southern hemispheres, via Our World in Data. Swap between data columns by turning encoder 1 while holding down key 1. Selecting a new data column will reset the sequence.

You can also add your own data (in fact, that’s kind of the point). Place data files in the /data folder - the same folder as temperatures.csv. Once you’ve loaded your file, restart the script and select it through the parameters menu. Any non-numbers in your data will be converted to zeros.


Install through Maiden project manager