stereo varispeed looper / delay / timeline-smoosher

this version of cranes builds on the “one buffer, two voices” approach of its predecessor in pursuit of a more flexible on-the-fly-sampling instrument. though the paper crane (initial record) allows original behavior, the pair of birds (overwrite) allows the artist to specify a buffer – in combination with the 1/10th second adjustable loop points, this brings new performative options to the table.




connect norns to a stereo signal + head over to the parameters

record + loop

tap KEY 2 to record into the buffers as you make some sounds

adjust loop points

hold KEY 1 until you see s1 and e1 change to s2 and e2. this switches which voice you want to control with the buttons and encoders


tap KEY 2 to toggle overdub / overwrite for the selected voice. you will see some friendly birds flying alongside your loop when overdub / overwrite is engaged.

fun things


plug in a grid and re-boot cranes

use the following legend: