foundry.png foundry-glyphs.png


foundry is a typeface viewer that lets you browse the glyphs in each available typeface, view what they look like with different size and brightness parameters, and generate lua snippets for drawing a glyph in your own script.


from maiden type ;install or find “foundry” in the “community” library in maiden’s script manager.


-- foundry - view norns fonts
-- E1 at any time to change font
--    hold K1 to see font names
-- K3 descends down a UI level
-- K2 ascends up a UI level
-- first level: glyph selector
--   E2 selects y position
--   E3 selects x position
--   hold K2: y scrolls 8x
-- second level: glyph viewer
--   E2 selects parameter
--   E3 selects parameter value
--   hold K3: scroll glyphs 100x
--   press K3 on 'code':
--   print glyph drawing code to
--   the console (maiden)
--   press K3 on 'text':
--   enter text input mode
-- third level: text input
--   attach a keyboard to
--   type example text
--   K3 to clear