assemble a song from TAPE


The purpose of waver is to give Norns the capability of a basic DAW, inspired by the OP-1’s tape and powered by softcut. There are four mono tracks which can be panned individually. The tape has a length of 5 minutes. There are two views: song and track. In song view, all four tracks are visible and audible. This view is for previewing, navigating and planning. In track view, a preselected track and a “scratch work” track are visible and audible, allowing you to stage changes to the given track. More about track and song view in the documentation below.



In waver’s song and track views, a small ‘minimap’ appears at the top of the screen, showing the portion of the tape currently in the window, the loop markers, and the playhead. Below this are barline markers, which are numbered, and (provided sufficient zoom), beats, which are unnumbered. These are only a visual aid: waver currently has no warping or repitching, so changing the tempo in PARAMS will not affect the position or pitch of audio currently on the tape. Below this are the relevant tracks for the mode, in song view, all four tracks are visible. In track view only the currently active track and the “scratch work” track are visible. Depending on your settings, this part of the screen will contain one or more of the loop markers and possibly the playhead.

The following apply to both song and track views.



;install https://github.com/ryleelyman/waver