A Monome Norns library for easily adding Crow input support to existing scripts.



  1. Download lib/crowify
  2. Place the file inside your script’s folder, typically in the lib directory
  3. Import it from the path you’ve chosen (lib/crowify in the code below), then use it as follows: ```lua – create Crowify class and crowify object local Crowify = include(“lib/crowify”) local crowify =

– by default, Crowify updates every 1/25th of a second – if you want a different update speed, pass it in local slowUpdatesCrowify =

function init() – register parameters with crowify crowify:register(“cutoff”) crowify:register(“resonance”)

-- after registering all your params run add_params()
-- to make them visible in norns params menu
crowify:add_params() end

function key(n, z) – if you want to use a shift key with Crowify – pass key params in crowify:handle_shift(n, z) redraw() end ```


@mimetaur for the original Arcify


  1. Beta release & bugfixing
  2. Remove the need to register() params, and introspect them from the global params.params_ table directly



For feature requests and bug reports, discuss over on lines